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In this 4 days masterclass, we will outline the 3 keys that are crucial to your bidding success - Position Yourself To Win, End-To-End Control & Pricing To Win.

On day 3, we will introduce the 3Ps Process and explore how to stop selling to your clients so they want to buy from you. During this intense day you will discover how to structure your bid so that your messages are easily understood; how to answer questions in a way that gets the best results; and how to use persuasive language to instantly connect with your client.

Throughout this highly interactive masterclass you will complete a variety of exercises to challenge and develop your thinking. On day 4, you will finalise your Personal Bid Structure Plan that you can use on future bids to improve quality of your responses so you win more work.

By the end of the masterclass you will have gained a detailed understanding of the issues that prevent you from winning more work and learn some of the methods that have helped clients win over $9 billion of new business.

So if you've ever felt bidding is hard work, stressful and even a little hectic; lost bids that you know you should have won and want to do better; or, found your proposals fall on deaf ears even though you know you are better, then this Bid & Tender Masterclass is for you.

Benefits of Attending
  • Confidently choose contracts where you are likely to have most success so you reduce your overall cost of bidding
  • Develop a self-assured bid team that is fully supported by your front line teams for best results
  • Use the 3Ps Process to truly understand the issues your client is facing so you can position your products and services to meet their demands effectively
  • Produce a robust and workable Bid Management Schedule to place you in control so you focus on the content of your proposal and not just the deadline
  • Create an effective Bid Roadmap to guide authors and reduce the stress of bidding on your frontline staff and bid team
  • Identify how to promote the value of your approach and avoid the lowest price pitfall
Course Highlights - 3 Keys to Your Bidding Success
          1. Position Yourself To Win
  • How to analyse your business so you truly understand what it is you do best
  • How this will help your potential client to fix their problems
  • How this will enable you to position yourself to the best advantage in a way that puts you ahead of your rivals

          2. End to End Control

  • Manage your time effectively so you can reduce the stresses of bidding
  • Get higher scores by focusing on the questions you are asked
  • Identify the key areas of your Bid Roadmap that your team needs to be successful

          3. Pricing to Win

  • The importance of knowing what your potential client is willing to pay
  • Knowing what you need to charge, and
  • How to balance these to achieve the optimum price to win
Training Methodology

This masterclass is specifically designed to build over the 4-day program through a combination of highly interactive workshops and traditional teaching methods. The emphasis is on learning and you will get the most from this program when you participate in the activities and complete all of the exercises because this is all about taking action.

Over the 4 days, you will develop your personal Bid Structure Plan aligned to a specific client that you choose. Not only will you be able to use your plan on future bids, but you will also learn the tried and tested techniques that are used to develop bespoke plans for any bid.

Course Certificate

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.



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