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Event A: Energy Storage, 17 - 19 July 2018, Johannesburg

Day 1 – Understanding Market Drivers for Storage

Module 1: Power System & Storage Fundamentals
Module 2: Renewable Power & Storage
Module 3: Peak Power & Electricity Storage
Module 4: Storage and the Flexible Electricity Mix
STORAGE MARKET OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS: an interactive session based around a systematic approach to evaluating the macro market drivers of (and barriers to) storage growth

Day 2 – Storage Solutions and Deployments

Module 5: Focus on Batteries
Module 6: Pumped Hydro & Other Non-Battery Storage
STORAGE MARKET OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS: an interactive session to explore the question "can other solutions compete against the dominance of Lithium-ion?"
Module 7: Project Development Considerations
Module 8: Principles and Challenges of Revenue Stacking
STORAGE MARKET OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS: an interactive, checklist-focused session to explore the variables crucial to making any storage business case

Day 3 – Storage in Practice

The focus of today is firmly on up-to-date case studies and examples of storage, using experiences from around the world to provide illustration of the principles already discussed, to introduce new ones and to provoke thought and discussion around future innovation.

Module 9: Front-of-Meter Deployments
Module 10: Behind-the-Meter Deployments
Module 11: Storage Aggregation and Integration
MAKING THE CASE FOR STORAGE: an interactive, discussion session to explore the examples discussed, including the variability of business cases observed and their potential relevance within markets specific to the course attendees

Event B: Grid-Connected Electric Vehicles (EVs), 20 July 2018, Johannesburg

Module 1: EVs and Transitioning Power Systems
Module 2: Quantifying the Impacts of EVs on Bulk Energy, Power and Emissions
Module 3: Charging Networks and the Distribution System
Module 4: Vehicle-to-Grid, Connected Vehicles and the Future

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