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Our workshop trainer has over 40 years experience in the natural resources industries, including in-depth knowledge of the mining and energy industries across all commodities and staff/management functions.  He has worked in both geological and engineering positions for major resource companies, in addition to financial analysis, planning and market research capacities. His areas of technical expertise include mineral exploration programs, mining/petroleum/metallurgical processes, operating and capital costs, ore reserve estimation, and environmental assessments/controls. On the financial and marketing side, he has dealt extensively with commodity price analysis and forecasting, industry supply/demand fundamentals, competitive fuels issues, product transportation, capital budgeting, investment decision making, and reserve/business valuations. An area of particular expertise is advanced financial valuation methodologies, such as real-asset option price theory, simulation and decision/risk analysis. He has conducted many seminars/workshops and been a frequent speaker on mineral valuation, due diligence practice, energy commodity markets, discount  rate issues, and reserve uncertainty for professional groups and associations such as the Society of Mining Engineers, the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute, and the American Coal Council. 

He is a technical, economic and management consultant across the full range of natural resource issues and activities. He has been involved with almost every mineral commodity, and has held positions in exploration, engineering, financial analysis, marketing, planning, and business development.


Mineral economics, financial modeling and valuation, project feasibility studies, asset appraisals, mineral and fuel supply/demand analysis, price forecasting, geology, exploration programs, ore and petroleum reserves, mining and process engineering, commodity transportation and marketing, due diligence investigations, transaction/  litigation support, environmental assessments, mineral policy issues.


Thermal and Metallurgical Coal, Crude Oil and Natural Gas, Gold,   Platinum/Palladium, Silver, Rare Earths, Copper, Zinc, Uranium, Industrial Minerals including Soda Ash, Borates, Barite, Phosphates, Potash, Fluorspar, Industrial Sands and Dimension Stone, Iron Ore.

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