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  Mobile Payment Systems & Security


Thanks to big moves by Apple, Samsung, Google and others, the world of mobile payments is rapidly evolving. More retailers accept digital payments than ever before. However, in a world where evolving cybercrime tactics are out to get people's information, mobile payments can also cause the worst digital life experiences.

Therefore, this 4 days comprehensive course will be focusing key issues on mobile payment security. You will get information on critical hacking techniques. You will also learn how hackers can break security features of mobile platforms and apps. The trainer will not only cover theoretical aspect of mobile security, but will also share his long experience with clients on mobile security. Attend this course and master how to protect apps, infrastructure and devices, in order to heighten security network of mobile payment gateway. The ultimate objective is to devise a security master plan against threats and hackers.

Course Highlights

■ An overview of different types of mobile payments
■ Various demonstrations of hacking techniques, attack vectors, and how attacks are performed
■ How to protect applications, infrastructure and devices
■ Security network of mobile payment gateway
■ Security in the cloud
■ Security master plan against threats and hackers

Key Learning Objectives

■ Learn various types of attacks on mobile payment systems and information systems
■ Learn the attack vectors and the anatomy of a targeted attack
■ Understand the components of a comprehensive security program
■ Understand security concepts and technologies in use today
■ Learn how to harden computing devices (mobile, portable, workstation, server) and the network infrastructure
■ Develop the strategy to detect and stop the malicious actor on your network
■ Learn about various authentication systems used for the newest applications – Single sign-on, Federated identity management, SAML, OpenID, IDaaS
■ Develop a secure approach to utilising cloud services
■ Secure the application development environment
■ Understand application development models and standards
■ Learn the controls used to secure applications
■ Equip with the techniques to test the security of custom applications during development

Pre-Course Questionnaire

We would like to customise the workshop based on your specific needs. Pre-Course Questionnaire will be sent prior to the course for the Course Director to analyse in advance and address during the course.

Course Certificate

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.


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