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  Programme Agenda

Your Programme at a Glance

Module I
Global Trends Driving Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Electricity Market Designs & Merchant Power Investments

Module II
Overview of the Power Industry in Developing Countries

Module III
Structures and Working Energy Markets

Module IV
Electricity Value Chain

Module V
Power Price Dynamics

Module VI
Power Plant Economics

Module VII
Overview of Project Finance in the Power Sector

Module VIII
Structuring Independent Power Projects (IPPs) & the Role of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Module IX
Structuring & Contracting Requirements for Merchant Power Investments

Module X
Power Plant Valuation Approaches

Module XI
Financing Merchant Power Investments & Electricity Price Modeling under Competition

Module XII
Basic Types Power Sales Agreements

Module XIII
Other Contract Structures and Issues in Power and Renewable Energy Projects

Module XIV
Key Features Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Module XV
Pricing PPA

Case Study: Analysis PPAs
• Country case studies
• Detailed example PPAs

Module XVI
Fundamentals of Negotiation Theory and Practice

Exercise: PPA Negotiation
Practice in negotiating a PPA, including the terms and price elements

Module XVII
Impact Terms Power Sales Contract on Power Plant Design

Module XVIII
Risk Assessment

Final Exercise: Applying Best Practices and Lessons Learned to Your Organisation's Priorities

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