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  Project Scheduling, Risk Analysis and Cost Control


In an increasingly asset-intensive industry, failure isn't an option. Investment dollars must absolutely deliver on expectations. Environmental factors, market shifts, unforeseen engineering challenges, improper planning, overly optimistic goals, skilledtalent issues, and a host of innumerable pitfalls and risks all have the potential to push ambitious efforts off schedule, over budget, and potentially offline. In challenging times, one failed project—a problematic exploration effort, a refinery plagued by equipment delays, or an otherwise on-track effort slowed by weather conditions—has the potential to jeopardize both short-term success and the company's ability to further its long-term strategic goals.

How then do organisations prevent scheduling errors, define risk analysis and develop solid cost controls to ensure on time delivery and projects remain in scope? They do this through understanding best practice methods and learning in a safe environment before they execute in the field, regardless of industry or trade.

This workshop will prepare you to be proactive instead of reactive to project risks and scheduling issues. You will learn cost control modeling through proven best practice methods and case studies. As a group you will learn how to manage complex schedules, integrated master schedule plans and how to perform schedule analysis to determine critical path and critical chain processes. Throughout the 5 days you will master project scheduling, cost analysis and cost control. This foundation will lead to ways and methods of project monitoring and cost controls that can be used upon your return to the office. You will leave knowing you have the latest techniques to define, deliver and execute the project controls in your organisation.

Benefits of Attending

■ Learn best practice Project Scheduling tools and techniques
■ Get exposed to different processes for schedule development and control
■ Develop, understand and define risk analysis strategies for your organisation
■ Construct detailed risk models and scenarios to see where risks lie
■ Learn how to manage complex scheduling and cost controls
■ Leverage probabilistic cash flow analysis both at the project level and across projects —taking into consideration the risk and uncertainty of the projects—to help identify possible areas of over and under allocation
■ Explore case studies from your industry and others so you can learn new approaches to solving cost control problems
■ Pose what-if scenarios, enabling stakeholders to see in real terms how even a slight contingency will affect the project and how different responses will affect the budget and schedule

Course Credits & Certificate

■ PMPs are eligible for up to 35 PDUs.
■ ECSA members are entitled to claim up to 5 CPD credits.
■ You will also receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.




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