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  Pump Optimisation: Performance, Reliability & Efficiency

Execute proper decision about pump design, installation, operation and maintenance procedures, as well as troubleshooting field problems


This course is designed to help the participants understand how proper pump system design, operation, and maintenance can drastically reduce maintenance and operations costs, while simultaneously improving energy efficiency and safety.  By stressing the fundamentals of pump system design and installation, maintenance techniques, and proper operation, this course empowers you to make better pumping related decisions.  This leads to lower maintenance and operational costs as well as lower spare parts inventories, better product safety, and greatly reduced pump related energy cost.  The benefits of this course are immediate and participants can put the practical knowledge into practice as soon as they return to their facilities. Participants are encouraged to bring information about current pumping problems in their facility to discuss with the instructor.

Benefits of Attending

■ Reduced Maintenance Costs
■ Increased Equipment Uptime
■ Reduced Pumping Related Energy Costs
■ Improved Pump Selection and Application
■ Improved Mechanical Seal Life
■ Understanding of Pump/System Interaction
■ Use of Pump System Optimisation Software

Why you should attend

As the demand of energy is growing, pumps demand is expected to grow which makes it extremely important to master your skills of pumping in a comprehensive way. The workshop is especially designed to cover nearly every aspect of pump maintenance and operations that personnel who work with pump and pumping system need to know. The tips and best practices learnt from the international qualified instructor of this workshop is a gateway to optimise your pump and pumping system life. Participating in this workshop help not only improve your industrial skills but also reduce the company cost of energy which has become more vital in the increasing cost of production and transportation environment.

Course Certificate

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures from both the Export Workshop Leader and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.




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